Unified Products

UniClear is a Clear Coat for Billboards and Banners

Steam Bond is a Phosphate Chemical for Metal Prep

MudSlide is a Liquid Primer for Concrete Pumping

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At Unified Chemical Inc. we offer products to three different industries. The large Format Printing Industry, Powder Coating and Painting Industry, and the Concrete Pumping Industry. The products we offer are formulated and designed to make the job easier and more efficient. Our products are offered at low prices to our customers.

UniClear Clear Coat for billboards and banners dries super fast and application is a breeze. It protects against the elements and scratching, while providing a lustrous high gloss finish.

Steam Bond is a clear liquid iron phosphate that is formulated to clean
and phosphate in a 2-step clean/phosphate and rinse pre-paint treatment. Steam Bond is a fast-acting material that effectively removes light oils, shop soils, and light smuts. This process saves time and energy.

Mudslide is a liquid concrete pumping aid that is currently being used throughout the world as the premium choice in pumping aids. The Mudslide mixture forms a thick, slippery substance that is poured ahead of the primer port prior to concrete pumping.

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